Engage Your Workforce.

Beautifull photo & video contest platform for workplace & office to showcase in-house talent. Get hundreds of fresh new photos for your media library. To increase employees' knowledge of and attachment to the company.



A unique place to showcase the amazing stuff done by your workforce. Photos, videos and photographers are highlighted. Employees are proud to participate and to share their photos to their coworkers and they get amazing feedbacks from world wide.



A simple form to share the best photos & videos. No digital gap. Everyone can participate. From their professional computer or with their own smartphone, they can share from everywhere and from any devices.



Time to vote! Wow! So nice photos shared that it will be not easy to choose my favorite. You can just like a photo or give a note to be more engagent. Also ask the top management to select the Jury's Choice. Make a competition inside the competition with our challenge category.



Perhaps the most important part. But not like you think. It’s cool to offer some money prize or any object. That’s not what is expected by your workforce. Really! They wants to be highligh inside and also outside the company with their photos. That’s the real key of the success.

To make a great contest, we have ideas to share

Photos contest

Easily share company moments and let your teams travel through them.

Videos contest

Another way to explore your company's diversity with awesome videos.

Challenges contest

Ask your teams to take up different challenges in their daily work.

Projects contest

Highlight the best projects of the year that move the company forward.

Story contest

Share daily life at work and let your employees discover the richness of your company.

Employer brand

Show all the diversity of your teams and offices that make you so unique.

What we’re talking about.

Employee recruitment figures in companies around the world are drastically low. With less than 40% of employees engaged on a daily basis, turnover, absenteeism and commitment to their daily work costs hundreds of billions of dollars every year. No one would accept such a figure for customer satisfaction! Contestnco is not going to change everything but we have the pretension to believe that we can significantly participate in the improvement of this rate.

Photo Contest Giving a voice

Giving Voice

We're reversing the direction of communication. From bottom to top and not top-down communication. We allow employees to express themselves on the best of the company. Especially those in the field on a daily basis. Giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a universal language, photography.

Photo Contest Proud Of His Work

Proud Of His Work

Many more workers than people think are proud of their work. But there are few internal company tools to say so. Contestnco helps them shout to the world how proud they are to work for you. You'll be surprised...

Photo Contest Employee-Centric


We are part of a communication concept that is more important than just sharing beautiful photos. Internal communication and employer branding are vital subjects for companies. But too often the tools are not adapted to digital and even less so to the new hyper-connected and agile generations. Contestnco with its solution helps you to keep in touch with the employees furthest away from the head office.

Photo Contest Data Is Yours

Data Is Yours

Let's be honest. Here we don't talk to crowds, we don't talk on social networks. This is your home. This is your platform, your colors, your data. You control who can participate and how. The servers are dedicated. We are 100% RGPD compliant. Good to know ;)

Pricing made simple.

A simple and attractive offer, with no hidden costs, that fits to your business.


$ 1990

  • Fixed price
    Setup fees included
  • Up to 1 000 employees
  • Up to 2 months
  • Custom UI
    Logo, colors, images
  • Dedicated databases and storage

$ 0.15 /user/mo*

  • Setup fees $2990
  • Custom UI
    Logo, colors, images
  • Custom forms
    Signup and upload forms
  • Custom domain
  • Dedicated servers
  • Dedicated databases and storage

* Based on the overall number of employees in the company

Superpower Up

$ 0.07 /user/mo*

  • Setup fees $9990
    Start at
  • Custom UX
    Create a unique experience for your employees
  • Custom User Interface
    Full platform rebranding
  • Custom development
    Forms and modules
  • Custom domain
  • Dedicated servers
  • Dedicated databases and storage

* Based on the overall number of employees in the company

Save your time

It's Photomagical

Since 2010, Contestnco has been successfully supporting the largest companies in their internal communication. Contact us now to discuss the success of your next internal photo & video competition.